Orphanage and Destitute Home

It is well known that holy Prophet (PBUH) has directed the society to protect destitute as well as orphans. Though there were many orphanages throughout the state, there was no any shelter for thousands of uneducated due to economical backwardness. This gap was first filled by CM Centre. CM Centre Orphanage and Destitute Home has brought up hundreds of students. It provides both Madrassa and school education up to 10th standard. As they complete the secondary school, clever students will be enrolled either in Da'wa College or IFER Academy

Admission to 5 to 6th Std. (Malayalam Medium)

Quthubul Alam Daw'wa College

Quthubul Alam Da'wa College under CM Centre is the most excellent campus for both religious and academic education in Kerala since 2005. Da'wa College fulfills the need of society for a strong group of Islamic scholars and missionaries. As the students complete the course of 8 years, they will acheive a depth knowledge in Islamic fields including Quran, Thafseer, Hadees, Fiquh, and Islamic theology with a strong support of a graduation and post graduation from any reputed university. Moreover they will be empowered by good practice in languages like Arabic, English and Urdu, skills in writing, oratory and computer knowledge to face the society with added power. The most excellent students are guided for Civil Service, Ph.D, and further studies by joining any national or international university with financial and mental support of CM Centre. Students who scored higher grades in either SSLC or 7th standard can seek admission for Da'wa College.

Admission to 8 th Std. (junior da'wa college),+1 Quthubul Alam Da'Wa Coolege

Shareeath College

Shareeath College is the first initiative of the Centre. It has produced many scholars who guide the society to the way of truth and virtue. It arranges a conservative Dars style for the learning of jurisprudence, Quran, Thasavvuff (spirituality) Hadees and other Islamic faculties. In addition to this it provides material learning and courses

Admission to 8 th Std.

Ayisha Hajjuma Hifzul Quran College

Qur'an College facilitates the deep study of the Holy Words. There is a special section for the learning of the Holy Quran by heart with Thajveed. This college is very keen in Providing the academic and administrative services needed to facilitate learning excellence and knowledge transfer. The college values scholarly independence, and the depth and diversity of our teaching which stretches from various recitation systems, transferred through generations. This department enlightens its learners with the real spirit of Holy Qur'an. The public are made aware of the historic importance of various events narrated in the Holy Qur'an and the aesthetic splendor of the language used in it.


Centre for Education and Advanced Studies (CEAS) is a new educational enterprise under CM Centre Madavoor, which is situated in Panamaram, Wayanad. CEAS is established with a vision to train the students academically and mold them into competitive professionals. CEAS grows a group of youngsters who are professionally ambitious and religiously strict.
Professional education on regular stream is a unique feature of the institution. CEAS students can acquire high quality education from a reputed school in the Wayanad district. Further, they can earn their degree from CM College of Arts and Sciences Nadavayal which is also run by CM Centre Madavoor. Students get an opportunity to adopt any of the courses from the college and shine in their respective fields.
Along with the five year higher secondary, bachelor course,This institution also provides good quality Islamic studies. The syllabus includes the important Kitabs that were taught in our traditional Dars system. We believe that the future of the students will be greatly influenced by Islamic atmosphere, classes by experts and disciplined lifestyle.
The institution makes use of modern trends and intellectual methodology to provide the best classes on various topics like language, literature, speech, computer, personality development and career. We provide further support for their higher educational in famous universities by providing scholarships.

Globe School

Our children are our hopes. We have boundless dreams about their future. Sometimes we say, "I live for my kids". We are often astonished to see the people with white-collared jobs. We aspire to provide the best education to our kids that were not available for us. We have a long list of dreams; Doctors, Engineers, Civil Servants, Chartered Accountants, Police officers and much more and we wish to see our kids in any one of those positions. It's a truth that the parents of the professionals that we see today once dreamt about their children's future. When many of them reach the victory, some of them taste the defeat. If we assess those persons who have excelled in their fields, we find that their molding process started from their childhood itself. 'Scientific planning, futuristic approach towards education, time management, appreciable study atmosphere, parental support, qualified teachers all these are the factors that created ambitious professionals.
From this year, CM Memorial Centre Madavoor which is famous for its social services, is introducing a new institution which can light up your dreams. The GLOBESCHOOL, in which the students are selected to 8th standard through interview processes. Professional coaching for various field like civil services, and international- level scholarships examinations, quality education, sessions with reputed resource persons, intellectual gatherings, well-furnished library, personality development and many more are brought under a single roof.

Main features

    • Well planned, futuristic approach towards professional sectors
    • Guidance of reputed academic experts
    • Modern methodology for education
    • Civil services coaching
    • Well-furnished Library facilities
    • Personality development
    • Language educationy
    • Campus with all the modern facilities
    • Well trained teaching faculty
    • Training for international-level scholarship examinations.
  • Regional Da'wa Academy

    Regional Da'wa Academy is a new endeavor of CM Centre to facilitate better Islamic and academic education for students who belong to the neighboring villages of CM Centre. It works in semi boarding system; students are picked up at their doorstep in early morning and dropped late at night. During this time, they finish their religious and school study, tuition, homework, prayers, and others. Food and transportation are free of cost.

    Admission to 8 th Std.

    Ifer Academy

    Integrated Foundation for Educationand Reseaarch(IFER) IFER Academy is the maiden attempt under the foundation. It aims to reach quality education to students who completed 10th std with higher grade. Our students are channeled to different streams like Medicine, Engineering, Management, Civil Service, Media, Agriculture, IT etc by identifying their skill and interest through an aptitude test. Pupils are given coaching to achieve their intrested career from basic level itself, thereby prepare them for various entrance examinations and competitions. IFER Academy is situated near Kozhikkode Medical College in a homely atmosphere. Career Guidance Civil Service Academy IFER Academy Scholorship Islamic Distance Education IFER Village

    Admission to +1 (Plus One)

    Boarding School

    Our inattention towards children amidst the busy life is a prominent reason for their misguidance. Boarding School is run with a view to guide the children of the rich also. Main features are Madrassa-school education, highly disciplined life and teaching and supervision of efficient teachers

    Admission to 5th to 9th Std (Malayalam and English Medium)

    Pleasant Public School

    Pleasant Public School that provides quality education and high discipline is situated at Madavoor. Based on CBSE syllabus, there are classes up to 10th standard with the facilities science labs and smart class room. Aim WE STRIVE TP PROVIDE A UNIQUE FRIENDLY AND RELAXED ENVIROUNMENT WHERE PIPILS FEEL VALUED AND ARE ABLE ACHIVE PERSANAL EXCELLENCE AND EXCEL ALL ASPEPECTE D OF LIFE.

    Main features

    • Follows CBSE Pattern of education offering classes from KG to X
    • Excellant academic atmosphere
    • Special coaching for educationally backward students
    • fee concession for deserve students
    • School bus facility to most of the near by places
    • systamatic madrassa education
    • Digital classroom & CD Library
    • Prayerhall seperately for boys & Girls
    • Spcial coaching in communicative English by Proffessional trainers
  • Admission to LKG, to 9 th Std. (English Medium) CBSE

    CM Centre Palachuvad

    Markazul Falah Al Islamiyya, which has been running for 40 years at Palachuvad was undertaken by CM Centre in 2014. Centre has initiated here orphanage and destitute home and higher secondary Madrassa at first level.

    school under the Centre

    • CM Centre High School
    • AUP School Madavoor
    • MMAUP School Avilora
  • Admission to 8th Std. (Malayalam Medium)

    CM College of Arts and Science, Panamaram

    C M College of Arts and Science aims at the progress of Wayanad, which still remains educational and economical backwards. The campus is in Nadavayal. The College is affiliated with the University of Calicut. It offers value based education with moderate fees. Affiliated to University of Calicut & Recognised by Govt. of Kerala, Panamaram, Wayanad-670721 E-mail:, contact, 04935 220910, 222321, 9447445096

    Our batch,s Degree

    • B-com with computer appilication
    • BCA
    • BSC Computer science
    • A English literatere
    • BSc Mathamatics
    • BBa
    • BA MAss communication
  • PG

    • M-Com
    • MA English
    • MSc Computer Science
  • Masjid & Madrassa

    Since Madrassas and Masjids are the centre for the blooming of Islamic culture in every region, many Masjids and Madrassas are run by CM Centre especially in economical backward areas. The Centre has religious endeavors at Rampoyil, Muttanchery, Arangil Thazham, Poyilthazham, Kizhakkayil, Kunnamangalamvayal, Poyil and Cholakkara Thazham.